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basically, i have to interview someone from a different cultural background than my own. sadly i only know honkys irl and i'm the only ethnic person THEY know so i have turned to the internet. it's okay if you identify as "white" because this is more about the culture your family comes from rather than how it's practiced now/how it is in america (for example, an italian american has many of the same cultural traditions, but the way they behave in the MOTHERLAND of italy may be different-- answer from what you know about how it is in italy not necessarily how you know it in america). not ALL questions will apply to you or be able to be answered in a unique way, but if you know how your "culture" would do it regardless of how it's done where you live now (again, an example would be indian cultures vs. indian cultures while living in america) you can answer it that way or else just put n/a. OKAY COOL. now for this.

part two of this is i have to have a picture of the person i feature from this WITH me so if you're willing to hop on skype and throw up the kawaiiest peace sign with me for me to show people, you will be eligible to be, as i said, featured in my class. no, you wont be advertised, it's only sitting in a group with some classmates talking about how you said your 'culture' does things. which is an awkward way to word it, but you know.

if you want to reply for the sake of replying but do NOT want to be featured in any way, shape or form, just let me know and i'll make sure to omit your shit when i go through and pick someone to be my best friend for the day OK THANK YOU ♥

ps. please feel free to be as succinct or detailed as you like. if you'd like to relate how anything ties into your every day life wherever you live, that's totally fine too and i'm sure my teacher would cry quietly with joy if you did. if you have any questions, let me know c:
25 October 2007 @ 12:51 am

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